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Stabbing With Frank
Shane Wheeler

Frank films an instructional how to kill criminals show as a way of reaching out to people, but when he hires a camera man, he discovers what he'd really needed was a friend.

J. Najera

When invoked by mistake by a group of teens, an evil spirit contacts its favorite metal band to open the gates of hades.


Swamp Buck
Jason Ewert

Hero’s Journey
Dimeth Balázs

Domonic Smith

A Quiet Moment
Steve Villeneuve & Martin Bruyere

Freshman Detective
Charlie Hunt

Sinead Stoddart

Twilight Zone: The Worst Accident in Film History
Robert Jones

Gee, You Sure Look Hamsome
Philip Boos

The 1%: Crisis in the Great Lakes
Adam Burns

Scumbags From Outer Space
Keith Krass

Matt Harris-Freeth

David Gilbank

Film’s Cool
Jeff Vande Zande

Pinch Alienburger
MCR Electric Otto

James Spray

Tobias Tobbell

Sleep of Reason
Lansing Bruce Robertson

Sunny Days
Jesse McAnally

Neighborhood Yokai
Fuyuka Kato & Michael Lyons

Gabriel Horn

Mars 3752
Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

PH Debies

Jason Petrovich
(New York)

The Monster
Bob Pipe

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